About Warbirds and Legends

The gathering of Warbirds and Legends is a reunion of the people and aircraft of the 1930’s and 40’s, as well as the owners and pilots that operate these same actual aircraft today, and those citizens that appreciate this period in American History around the time of World War II. 

The daily airshow will be held FRI SAT SUN starting at 1 pm. 

ABOUT THE AIRSHOW:  The Warbird airshow is a rare – SAFE – opportunity to see these period aircraft fly, and hear what they sound like. No aircraft will fly inverted, or perform aerobatics. No aircraft will fly closer than 1,000 feet from any person or spectator.  The show does not incorporate any acrobatics, wing walkers, or dangerous low level stunts.

The airshow is designed to be respectful, safe, family friendly and high enough to be easily viewed. You can see the program lineup for the daily AIRSHOW on the SCHEDULES page as it develops. The admission gates will open at 9.00am. each day and will close at 6.00pm. 

Daily FLIGHT LINE PASSES include ramp access, static access, food and vendor access, and up close airshow viewing access. 


You may elect to buy walk up FLIGH LINE PASS access.  To guarantee your spot, and avoid long ticket lines, we recommend that you save money by purchasing tickets in advance. 

See link on the home page of this site that says GUARANTEED TICKETS

Those purchasing advanced tickets via the web can enjoy significant savings, and print tickets at home. Please bring advanced ticket purchased via the web with bar code for expedited entrance. 


Ticket Prices

Adult Daily ( >17 ) - Flight Line Pass $15.00 20% $12.00
Child Daily ( >6    ) - Flight Line Pass  $9.00 20% $7.20

Child Daily ( <6    ) - Flight Line Pass

Vet - Flight Line Pass FREE * FREE
Adult 3 day (>18) - Flight Line Pass $45.00 33% $30.00
Child 3 day - Flight Line Pass $27.00 33% $18.00
Daily VIP Parking $10.00 20% $8.00
3 day VIP Parking $30.00 33% $20.00
3 day SLOT HOLDER $375.00 33% $250.00

*Children and Vet Free Pass recipients will be verified at the gate prior to admission.

General parking for automobiles will be provided free of charge with a very short walk to the main entrance.  The main entrance is a single location located just to the south of the main terminal at Forbes field.  VIP Parking is available in the terminal parking lot adjacent to the main spectator entrance. The term “VIP” does not imply that you are necessarily a VIP, only that you desire faster access to the airport and the opportunity to park very close to the main gate.  This fee is $10 per vehicle per day, and does not include flight line access armband.  Normal per person gate admission still applies.

Tent camping and open fires are not allowed on the airport at any time. Motor-homes, trailers and totally self contained vehicles may overnight in the general free parking area as long as there is no visible indication of overnight occupation as viewed from the outside.  An effort should be made by any self contained “dry camping” vehicle owner to be conscious of trash, debris, or leftover camping equipment around their site.

FLY IN VISITORS: There are no ramp, parking, or service fees associated with GA aircraft that wish to fly in, other than normal gate admission per person.  The price of 100LL has been set at $5.90 per gallon which includes all taxes. 

You will park your aircraft at the Millionaire FBO ramp just North of the FBO and exit the FBO through the terminal.

Please click on NOTAM on this web site and read the information for the weekend as posted.

The theme of the gathering is one of patriotism, heritage, and selflessness, much the same as it was during the time in history when servicemen allowed for the sacrifice of few for the ultimate preservation of the many. In this theme, there is no “FOR PROFIT” venture being sought in building this gathering. Conversely, it will no doubt cost many of the organizers thousands of dollars of personal uncompensated expense in order to bring it to fruition. The goals of the gathering are simple. We desire to keep gate admission prices, vendor food prices, and local hotel accommodation prices very reasonable, and yet offer a unique up close visit with the planes and flight crews, as well as very rare flight, formation flight, and parachute drop  displays that would be considered an excellent value by anyone’s measure.  

All proceeds generated in the form of gate admission or sponsor donations  will be used to pay overhead expenses first, and then the balance will be distributed among the FLIGHT SLOT  holders in the form of unlimited access to the VIP area for all passengers that arrive via each aircraft where free meals, free beer and wine are located, and to provide  deeply discounted fuel for these owners. For this reason the FLIGHT SLOT reservation system will be used so that only a set amount of each aircraft will be entitled to the benefits. Other General Aviation aircraft and pilots, and other warbirds are certainly welcome to attend this gathering, but will park their aircraft in a separate ramp area, and will not have access to the SLOT HOLDER status and benefit.  The Gathering of Legends and Warbirds has limited the size of the gathering so that those aircraft awarded a SLOT can find it within their capability to attend and fly in the formation activities planned for Saturday and Sunday.  

We hope to generate more than $250,000 in revenue to be largely redistributed back to these SLOT RECIPIENTS after expenses are paid. A very large warbird formation demonstration flight will be attempted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 2, 3 and 4. Those owners and pilots that have read and understand the terms as listed in requesting a FLIGHT SLOT may apply for one. The number of aircraft listed are “max” number of aircraft and crews that the organization can support. These slots are mostly filled. The remaining balance of available SLOTS will be awarded via this web site and the formal application process on a case by case basis.   In deciding whether or not to apply for a FLIGHT SLOT, your organization should consider both the condition of your aircraft, and the formation experience of the associated crews. 

The Gathering of Warbirds and Legends is not seeking the “most” number of warbird aircraft, but rather is assembling some of the “most” rare aircraft, and the “most” talented flight crews that can consider participating in the world’s largest warbird formation. Those participants desiring to leave the formation after completion of the mass formation flight may certainly do so by following the simple exit procedure. The aircraft participating in the mass formation will largely be made up from the first six categories on the "HOME" page.









  North American







  North American














  North American














The other aircraft that are listed as SLOT HOLDERS as single ships will enjoy the same benefits and privileges, but may or may not participate in the mass formation, on a case by case basis. This is due to the mismatch in speed and performance of the individual ships.  

The demonstration warbird mass formation could be the largest assembly of period aircraft ever flown together in one mass formation since the end of World War II, possibly culminating in as many as 52 aircraft in flight together. The flight briefing for this mass formation, as well as each days flight program will be conducted at 9 a.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, and will be open to the public via public address system so that any interested persons or media can observe and participate in the preflight planning of this event. 

In the process of selecting aircraft and flight crews and the award of a FLIGHT SLOT, due consideration will be given to the expertise and experience of each flight crew. It is the goal of this organization to attract the world’s finest and most talented warbird pilots on an annual and ongoing basis, and take extraordinary effort to provide them with the level of support and appreciation that they deserve.   

The process is NOT first come, first serve. Each FLIGHT SLOT applicant will be judged on the basis of "numerous" factors and the results posted on this web site. Once officially awarded a FLIGHT SLOT, an aircraft retains that valid FLIGHT SLOT even if the aircraft is subsequently sold or a crew change becomes necessary. Once awarded, a valid FLIGHT SLOT cannot be taken away in favor of another aircraft.