WHY TOPEKA? Topeka, Kansas  was selected due to its naturally centered geographic location in North America, its abundance of runway length (12,600 feet) and its abnormally large paved ramp size. In addition, it also holds several  strong local business and development groups, and it currently has a highly experienced C-47 warbird museum operation based on the field. The city of Topeka is a large metropolis that in conjunction with nearby Kansas City, yields a population base of more than 2 million residents. The gathering of Warbirds and Legends will rely on the local print, radio, and TV media to accept free warbird rides in trade for providing the setting for some great human interest reporting, and thereby help us get the word out during the convention so that visitor traffic to the gathering is substantial. This convention is markedly different than other Airshows as the people of Kansas are invited to display their patriotism and local Midwestern hospitality to the visitors and guests planning to attend. The greater Topeka area has offered its full support from volunteers and staff at the local chamber of commerce and Visit Topeka tourism offices.

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