Due to the many conflicting industry conventions and Airshows during other times of the year, these dates (August 2 – 4 , 2013) represent the least schedule conflict, and the most opportunity for all.  In addition, and strategically speaking, “the Gathering” could be used by those warbird operators in the western half of the United States that may want to attend Airventure 2013 and still make their return trips south and westward towards their home base at the end of that show in northern Wisconsin.  For information purposes, Airventure starts early this year on Monday, July 29 – with emphasis on being there early.  According to the EAA web site, all Airventure tickets purchased for Monday (the 29th) include free access to the grounds for Sunday the 28th.  The gathering of Legends and Warbirds is in full support of Airventure and Mr. Jack Pelton, Chairman of Airventure 2013 (i.e. Oshkosh) who is not only a true pilot and aviation enthusiast, but  also is a true friend to aviation and a Warbird supporter.  Communication was established early on during the initial planning stages of the Topeka gathering,  should these dates be out of line in any way.  At this time of communication with Chairman Pelton he was invited to enter discussions regarding these convention dates, (AUG 2 – 4)    We salute Mr. Pelton for his team thinking, leadership, and his form of input into this process and agree with him that these dates (August 2 – 4) will provide another great nationwide choice for pilots, owners, and aircraft history buffs  not necessarily able to afford the expenses, or longevity  of Airventure. 

Additionally, others may find Topeka  a more informal and less restrictive environment as an affordable refuge after attending an early arrival, setup, and mid-week departure from Airventure 2013, and would normally be completing a full fourth day on Wednesday at that convention.   The organizers of the Gathering of Legends and Warbirds fully supports and endorses those operators who elect to choose to attend Airventure 2013 only, or possibly both, and wish them all Godspeed, tailwinds, and the fortune of additional options regarding their preferences.  Those operators (That hold a valid slot award) that elect to participate in both could still depart Airventure after the airshow on Thursday and easily make the short flight non-stop to Topeka to be in time for free dinner on the ramp, free beer, and fuel at $2.00 per gallon.  These dates seem to make a perfect match yielding the most options for each warbird operator.